One of the most important aims of CTAUN is to motivate educators to find ways of helping their students learn about the goals and work of the United Nations in all parts of the world. For each conference a theme is chosen which examines a world problem and ways in which the UN and other agencies approach possible solutions. Teachers and community leaders are encouraged to use the information and materials from these conferences as they develop their own curricula and to share the results with CTAUN through “Best Practices Awards”.

Each year CTAUN grants an award or awards for “Best Practices” inspired by the conferences presented during previous years. A practice that some educators find successful may lead others to consider ways of teaching about the United Nations or about global issues that are suitable for their students or groups.  Preference may be given to those projects that connect directly to a theme of a prior CTAUN conference.

Projects selected for the Best Practices Awards will receive recognition at a future CTAUN Conference and will be posted on the CTAUN website.  Winners’ conference registration fees will be waived, but all travel expenses will be the responsibility of the recipient.

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For additional information please contact the CTAUN Best Practices Award Coordinator, Joan Goldstein, at