Since 1999 CTAUN has presented conferences for educators and other concerned citizens with the goal of incorporating global awareness into school curricula and the work of community organizations. Our day-long conferences at United Nations Headquarters in NY and at venues in other States,  are intended for teachers at all levels. In recent years our attendance has reached and even exceeded 800 participants, from countries in the Americas, Europe and Africa as well as the US.

Our New York conference at UN Headquarters is usually held during the Spring Semester. In addition to keynotes and panels it includes Awards, a poster contest, an Info Fair of UN agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and others whose work connects with the conference theme. These provide resource people, materials and activities for use in the classroom and in the community.

Our themes have included major issues addressed by the United Nations, including

The Sustainable Development Goals,  Promoting Peace through Education,  Advancing Social Justice,  Education is a Human Right, and many others.  Reports for all conferences can be accessed as follows:

The UN at 70:  Making a Difference (2015)

Promoting Peace trough Education (2014)

Developing Globally Literate Students: 21st Century Skills, Emerging Technologies and the United Nations (2010) –held at Rutgers University., New Brunswick, NJ
Protecting Human Rights: The United Nations/Our Schools (2009)
Teaching and Learning in an Interdependent World (2008)
Responding to Children and Youth in Crisis (2007)
The Global Challenge of Water (2006)
A World Out of Balance: Searching for Answers through Education and the UN (2005)
Poverty, Partnerships, Peace: The Role of Educators in the 21st Century (2004)
Literacy Now: Building an Educated World (2003)