(formerly CTAUN Best Practices Award)

One of the most important aims of CTAUN is to encourage and support educators to find ways of helping their students learn about the goals and work of the United Nations in all parts of the world. For each of our many conferences, a theme is chosen (see teachun.org) that examines a global issue of concern, and, ways in which the UN and other agencies approach possible solutions. Teachers and community leaders are encouraged to use information and materials from these conferences in the development of their own curricula and to share results with CTAUN through an annual Excellence in Education Award.

In addition, educators are welcomed to submit projects on the theme that will be the topic of the upcoming year’s conference as well. This information is made available by our website, constant contact list, and flyers in the early summer.

Projects selected will receive recognition during the conference and will be posted on the CTAUN website. Conference fees will be waived. Travel expenses will be the responsibility of the recipient.

Evaluation Committee:

1)   The evaluation committee will read and review proposals submitted and if time and location allows a site visit will take place. If not, a phone interview and discussion will occur.

2)   There may be up to 3 awards granted ranging from K-12 to Higher Education.

3)   All submissions will be reviewed by the CTAUN evaluation committee and selected projects will be reviewed by the committee at large.

4)   Awardees will be notified more than a month before the conference date.

5)   The guidelines and criteria for award submissions are posted on CTAUN’s website.

6)   All awardees will be encouraged to attend the conference unless distance of travel makes that impossible.


To submit a project, complete the  APPLICATION (also listed in the left column.)

For any questions please contact the CTAUN Excellence in Education Award Coordinator, Eileen Venezia, at  evap114@aol.com