Application for CTAUN’s Excellence In Education Award

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1)   Project Title:

2)   In 250 words or less, describe your project (theme, participants, setting, time frame, etc.):

3)   What encouraged you to consider taking part in the submission process?  (Check all that apply)

  • Prior conference attendee?   ___
  • CTAUN website?  ___
  • Constant contact notice?___
  • Announcement Flyers?  ___

4)   As an educator what would you say is the best learning outcome for this topic with your students or group?

5)    Have you integrated or will you integrate to take into account projects already in place?

6)   Feel free to submit additional supporting material that describes, enhances and illustrates your project. Supporting materials may be sent under separate cover. When sending under separate cover, please include project title and name.

7)   As this is a brand new award replacing CTAUN’s former Best Practices Award, priority will be given to new candidates.

  • Note: Submissions are currently open;  the submission deadline for all entries will be 1 February 2019

Contact Information:

Eileen Venezia-email: or

Mail Completed Application to:

Eileen Venezia

183 Northfield Rd.

Hauppauge, NY 11788