Promoting Global Awareness in our schools
"As educators…you can help students grow into…a global civic identity and understand how their decisions have an impact ranging well beyond their immediate vicinity. The United Nations is uniquely placed to work with you in instilling a sense of global citizenship in today’s youth."

~Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, 30 January 2009


NEW: 30 January 2015 - Next CTAUN Conference at the UN

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NEW: April 2015 - CTAUN Conference in Houston, TX

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Reports on past conferences can be found under "CONFERENCES"

2014 Annual CTAUN Conference at the UN in New York: "Promoting Peace Through Education"


2014 CTAUN Atlanta Conference: “Youth in Danger: A Call to Action”


2013 CTAUN Conference at SMU in DALLAS, TX

- "Global Partnerships: Where do you fit?" Click here for the conference report

The UN Secretary General's High Level Panel on Post2015 has released its report

To download the report and add comments click here

To join the global conversation

and help shape the Millennium Development Goals post-2015 click here

The UN now offers Tours for Children

- specifically geared for elementary grades. For more information, and to book a tour,
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Millennium Development Goals

Click here for a list of materials for different grade levels

Promoting Peace

Click here for a list of materials for different grade levels

Access and Quality

Click here for a list of materials for different grade levels

CTAUN provides educators worldwide with opportunities to learn about the work of the United Nations and to incorporate this global awareness into curricula and school activities at all levels.

  • We organize conferences to bring educators together with international experts at the United Nations and around the country.
  • We facilitate curriculum development on international issues.
  • Through Best Practices Awards, we recognize teachers’ hard work, dedication, creativity and resourcefulness.
  • We believe with Nelson Mandela that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

CTAUN Chair Anne-Marie Carlson welcomed conference participants

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Save the Date for the next CTAUN Conference at UN Headquarters

30 January 2015

The UN at 70:  Making a Difference

Join Educators, NGO Representatives, UN Delegates and Experts to learn why, how, and by whom the UN was founded, what has changed over these seventy years as the UN has adapted to each succeeding decade, and what the future holds as it moves forward to achieve new goals for  “2015 and Beyond.”

You will learn about ”the “only organization that has the worldwide membership, the global reach and universal legitimacy” to tackle today’s many international concerns through diplomacy instead of through violence, and to learn how you, your colleagues and your students can contribute to “making a difference.”

To register for the conference: CLICK HERE

For a printable flyer announcing the Conference click here:  TheUnitedNationsat70Flyer2

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Did you apply something you learned at a past CTAUN Conference in your classroom or community?  You may be eligible for the CTAUN BEST PRACTICE AWARD which is given out each year during the Annual CTAUN Conference.  Although the submission date for this year’s conference is past, you may consider working on a proposal for a future conference. For information go to BEST PRACTICES AWARD for details.

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Part of the Conference will be a display of winning posters from the  CTAUN POSTER COMPETITION.

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Check out our  TEACHER RESOURCES  on Peace Education, the Millennium Development Goals, and other Topics

WorldWeWant2015 logo high-resolutionDiscussions are taking place at the UN to prepare for post-2015 development after the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) expire, to be replaced by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  You can follow those discussions and add YOUR voice at 

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Education is a human right with immense power to transform.  On its foundation rest the cornerstones of freedom, democracy and sustainable human development.   –  Kofi Annan