CTAUN takes very seriously the needs of our educators with respect to time. Teachers at virtually every conference we’ve held have asked for lesson plans, materials and activities to accompany our conference themes. We understand the research necessary to meet the demands of curriculum development, and we want to facilitate, as much as possible, the integration of global issues into the classroom. So we’ve done much of the research for you.

We will be dividing our resources by theme, many of which cover past conferences. They are culled from some of the organizations which have exhibited at our Information Fairs, materials from the UN Bookstore, and other sources with which we’re familiar. All of them are classroom oriented, and many include fully developed lesson plans. We will add new themes throughout the year. Stay tuned.

Upcoming topics include:


  • Peace and Reconciliation
  • Coping With Climate Change
  • Cultural Diversity and Cross-Cultural Communication

If you have any suggestions for future themes, please contact Toni Giangrande, Director-at-Large.